Ayden Hector– Why Is College Football Valuable to Students

High-school students throughout America study hard to secure good grade point average (GPA) scores. Only then can they get admission into some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. However, the students soon discover that their academic workload increases once they enter these educational institutions. They have to complete many difficult term project assignments in addition to regularly doing their classroom homework. Only then do they stand a chance of securing good grades in their semester exams. This makes their life stressful, and they often forgo playing American football.

Ayden Hector is a student of Eastside Catholic High School in Sammamish, Washington, with a passion for playing American football. He says many students are reluctant to continue playing American football once they enter college. Their parents often discourage them from playing the sport as they consider it a distraction. They ought to concentrate on their studies to complete their graduation. However, they might be unaware that prestigious colleges reserve seats for students who play football at the high school level. They have to go through the same stringent admission criteria these elite educational institutions impose on other applicants.

The important reasons why students should continue playing football at the college level are as follows:

  • Suggestions from the coaches

Prestigious colleges generally hire highly-qualified coaches to teach their students how to play American football. Many of them are former students of these educational institutions who have gone on to play at the NFL level. They understand the pressures the undergraduates experience in trying to maintain their grades and play football simultaneously. The coaches improve their existing football playing skills and even offer them valuable suggestions on how to secure high grades.

  • Access to better training facilities

Most prestigious colleges not only hire the best football coaches but also maintain the latest training facilities. This enables high-school students to enter these educational institutions to upgrade their existing skills in the sport. It enables them to become more proficient in playing the game. Many of them even learn previously unknown strategies to outperform opponents in league matches. However, they have to work hard to secure a college team position and still maintain their grades.

  • Secure scholarships

Many prestigious colleges offer scholarships to high-school students who secure high GPA scores and are proficient at playing football. These financial endowments often amount to thousands of dollars per semester. The money is enough to enable less affluent undergraduates to finance their college education. This is an incentive for those students who want to complete their graduation and pursue their passion for football.

Ayden Hector concludes by saying students can pursue their passion for playing football after securing a college admission. In doing so, they get access to the latest facilities and the best coaches to teach them the art of mastering football playing techniques. This helps them to improve their proficiency in the sport while giving them a break from their studies. In the process, they get to enhance their physical fitness at the same time.