Finding Those Expert Fine Art Transporters When You Need Them

Although there are an abundance of well-qualified and reliable fine art shippers, they are sometimes difficult to locate precisely at the time you need their services. Just when you’ve purchased that painting of a lifetime while on vacation in Italy, Morocco or Venezuela, you can’t recall the names and specific locations of any of the worldwide art transporters recommended by your favorite gallery dealer back home. Not wanting to be held liable in the event of any damage to your newly acquired masterpiece in transport, the gallery dealer from whom you are buying pretends to have misplaced his file of shipping company contacts.

While it’s true that paintings-without the added effects of multi-media collage or sculpted relief detail-are not vulnerable to breakage like some sculpture and ceramic pieces are, they can still suffer damage in transit. If not well-packed and crated with strong packing insulation, even a sturdy canvas can be torn or wrinkled or scratched. Even bold painting effects can be permanently altered by exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, prolonged periods of dryness or lack of air circulation. Although the expertise of fine art shippers would never allow for such careless attention to details when shipping, many transporting companies-international or domestic-simply don’t assume the responsibility for the necessary care to provide expert handling of fine art objects.

Gaining Assurance That Your New Oil Painting Will Arrive Safely

Even when you do locate that top quality art transporter you’ve been searching for, it is sometimes difficult to elicit the assurance of the best possible treatment for your art items in transport. As in any business relationship, it can take a while to be sure of the shipper’s level of reliability, attentiveness to care, and level fine art transport services of trustworthiness. When you express your concerns openly for the careful shipping of your new and treasured painting, your shipper will undoubtedly assure you of his competence and total business reliability. He may even state or show you figures reinforcing his claim to care and caution. Yet, when you express concern for maintaining the quality of your new oil painting and avoiding any mishaps or damage in transit, this advertised example of fine art shippers may hesitate or be unsure of any extra precautionary measures he needs to take in order to ensure your painting’s safe and sound delivery.

Observing the packing process of another piece of artwork can be helpful in assessing the capabilities and professionalism of any potential transporter of your own acquired art objects and paintings. By seeing him in action, preparing art items for long distance shipping, you can best ascertain his level of caring, know-how, experience and finesse in the safe and sure transport of art. Also, by engaging this shipper in conversation concerning his artistic likes and dislikes and the depth of his feeling for art items in general can help you decide whether or not he’s truly the ideal choice of fine art transporters. Finally, that first initial shipment of your beloved painting is the true test of his loyalty to art, its careful handling and delivery. No doubt, once back home, you’ll wait nervously, repeatedly pacing the floor, in anticipation of the impending arrival of your newly acquired masterpiece. Will it get to you in pieces, or with water-streaked surface and mangled frame? Will it arrive barely recognizable, in a state of complete disarray? – Only when you witness the excellent condition of its packing crate, and then unpack a perfectly preserved and delivered painting do you realize that you’ve found a real jewel in this fine art shipper. Now, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a fine work of art unveiled and, happily, well intact.