ReadersMagnet – A Trusted Name in Self -Publishing and Book Marketing Services

When it comes to book publishing and marketing, the whole process is very complex. Moreover, new and aspiring authors who are about to publish their books for the first time often find it hard to get expert guidance and recommendations from publishers who value and appreciate them. Conventional publishing companies are very rigid, and they often force writers to make changes to the manuscript. This hinders their creative process, and often they need to compromise on their royalties, too, as a major chunk of their profits is taken from them by conventional publishers.

ReadersMagnet is an esteemed self-publishing company that provides on-demand publishing and marketing services for authors. They give writers the most affordable services for book marketing and have a wide range of self-publishing packages tailor-made for every writer’s needs. They also organize a virtual book festival called The Festival of Story Tellers to bring both book lovers and authors together on a single platform.

A great team for support

Aspiring and new authors are not sure about the publishing and marketing process of books in detail. This is why they seek the help of professionals in the market to help them. If they approach traditional publishing houses, they generally do not get the support they deserve. Most traditional publishing houses do not like to work with new or aspiring authors.

Giving them the digital marketing support they deserve

With reputed companies that deal with self-publishing authors, new writers are able to get the support they need when it comes to marketing their books. The professionals here state that the most effective way for you to market your book is through digital marketing techniques and processes in the digital world. They will create a book marketing plan that will include the following-

  1. A visually appealing book trailer
  2. A strong presence on social media
  3. A press release that is planned well
  4. Blog posts that have been optimized well with keywords

The skilled professionals here will incorporate an extensive strategy that will incorporate every element of the digital marketing process with success.

Professionals state that the audios and visuals should be stunning enough to invoke positive first impressions about the book when it comes to book trailers. Book trailers are an effective way for you to spread the book’s potential across to the targeted audience, so they are interested in reading the book.

The professional team at ReadersMagnet state before the release of a book, readers want to know the book’s potential. Book trailers are an innovative way to make readers interested in a book. They also help writers make the optimal use of YouTube when marketing their books to the right targeted audience. The experts here state that YouTube is one of the most popular and effective audio-visual mediums for advertising to get book fans and lovers informed about your book and the potential it holds when it comes to a pleasurable reading experience.