Reddy Kancharla Discusses The Importance of Geotechnical Engineering Services In Construction

Any construction project, especially the large-scale ones, involves a host of crucial processes that have to be carried out with utmost efficiency. There are various aspects that one needs to keep in mind, when they are tasked with the responsibility of managing a construction project. Reddy Kancharla underlines that among other things, it is crucial to hire the aid of a professional and trained geotechnical engineer for a construction project, to ensure its competent execution. Mr. Kancharla is a well-respected professional who has beyond decades of experience in civil construction and geotechnical consultation. This makes him the perfect candidate to shed light on the importance of geotechnical engineering services in construction.

Geotechnical engineering deals with the application of diverse scientific methods and use of the land surface, along with certain important engineering principles with the aim of providing solution of engineering problems. Reddy Kancharla mentions that geotechnical engineers help in efficiently evaluating the quality of soil and check out the land contamination level, which is crucial for taking the steps needed for land restoration in construction. Mr. Kancharla had completed his master’s degree in civil engineering from Texas Tech University, and proper to that he had completed his bachelor’s degree from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. He has been associated with the domains of civil construction, geotechnical consultation, and construction QA/QC for decades now, and holds quite a commendable reputation in the industry.

Based on his professional experience and qualification, Reddy Kancharla mentions that there are several ways through which geotechnical engineering solutions can help in construction projects. Such professionals have deep expertise and knowledge to undertake a wide variety of important tasks. Regardless of the fact that whether one is planning to develop a typical residential building or something more expansive, geotechnical engineers can help them out in effectively doing the soil assessment of the land, while also checking the construction potential of the area.

Geotechnical engineers also provide valuable solutions in regards to soil testing, geotechnical testing and analysis, which are important before getting started with the actual construction phase. In many cases, these professionals also aid in gathering important data for the design of the planned building structure. Most well-qualified and certified geotechnical engineers shall have the capability to deliver high-end data anthology services that are provided with the use of discerning manual and mechanical tools. These professionals should also be able to effectively drill the soil through boreholes for the purpose of accumulating samples of soil. The soil collected must then be sent to the laboratory for testing for its contamination levels. Geotechnical consultants should additionally be responsible for making sure that all the processes they carry out meet the industry standards, and the relevant rules and regulations to prevent any legal offense.  Subsequent to the completion of the evaluation process, these engineers create a written report that shall feature recommended treatments for land restoration.