Top 6 Chinese Restaurants To Try In Dubai In 2021

Dubai has proved itself as heaven by mesmerizing the taste buds of foodies from all over the world. Chinese food in Dubai is not hard to find, though nothing in Dubai is hard to find as it is filled with every type of amenity that is known to an individual. From luxury villas for sale in Dubai to luxury cars for sale, you can find anything here according to your choice. In this guide, we have picked out 6 authentic Chinese restaurants for you to try in 2021.

The Peacock

The Peacock is regarded as one of Dubai’s most prestigious Chinese restaurants. It is based on the Sheraton Jumeirah’s mezzanine floor and offers a delicious selection of Chinese and Szechuan dishes to satisfy your desire. The chefs here cook well-known classics, including handmade dim sum, Peking duck, crispy chilli beef and gong bao chicken. The restaurant is furnished in the Zen style, enhancing the sophisticated atmosphere.

Blue Jade

Most individuals will accept that quality is better than quantity. At Blue Jade, creative foods are made with the finest and most varied materials, which would undoubtedly activate your taste buds. From the moment you reach the second you exit, you are greeted with real Asian hospitality. Take a look at the stunning recipes available, made by talented chefs. They strive to incorporate sweet and savoury spices so that your dish can be filled with vibrant flavours. This is real. In just about every bite you take, Blue Jade certainly provides a slice of China.

Long Yin

Give yourself a taste of Long Yin dishes at the Meridien Dubai Hotel, which is full of sensations and aromas. Although China itself includes over 50 ethnic groups, Long Yin serves a selective cuisine of Cantonese foods. This involves the springy crooked duck with hoisin sauce or an ice cream accompaniment with a sumptuous fried banana or many more that will cater to your taste buds in a mesmerizing way. The wooden interiors give the interior a nostalgic look with the grand statue at the entrance portraying a Terracotta warrior. This restaurant takes visitors on a magic trip to China to serve them a range of Chinese foods. The chefs expertly make some of these dishes. You can choose to sit semi-privately on the lime green sofas and relax. You can also taste the amazing collection of wines from France, Chile, Spain, Italy and Portugal in this place.

Shanghai Chic

Shanghai Chic is dedicated to creating a conventional menu of Chinese classics, with a colour scheme of purple and black, along with splendid furnishings and sculptures portraying old warriors. The restaurant is the best location for all events, inside the Movenpick hotel. In addition to the xiao long bao (pork dumplings served in a tasty bread), and chicken in sweet stew, they frequently host themed events. In the midst of mouthwatering delights, you enjoy the company of close friends and family here.


In the Mekong, the flagship dining venue of the Anantara resort, one can explore the culinary styles of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. The Mekong provides personal pleasure through loved recipes that you can enjoy on and off with South-Eastern Asia’s iconic river as its name. Be at a table in oriental style when eating these authentic Eastern dishes. Or choose a seating arrangement in rickshaw-style. A private dining room may also be booked for privacy purposes for more personal meetings. mesmerize your taste buds with steamed sea bass with cherry tomatoes, carrots, pineapple or tofu in the sweet and sour veggies.


Yuan is an award-winning restaurant that represents elegance. A broad variety of Chinese cuisine is on display here. Yuan is a real paradise for social people whether they feed at the deluxe sitting areas or socialize at the lounge. Try a range of top-class meals, including green bean sprinkled with chicken, privately in the more discerning parts of the restaurant.

These are some of the best Chinese restaurants that should be on your list if you are in Dubai and love to eat authentic Chinese food. All these restaurants provide you with an ambience that you crave on a budget that won’t put an extra burden on your pocket. You can also enjoy dining in the restaurants near the City Walk apartments for sale if you are looking forward to some quality time with your friends or family members.

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