Why Should Baby Wipes be an Integral Part of Your Baby Care Routines?

Parenthood is perhaps the most unforgettable moment of our lives, primarily because caring for a baby involves many interrelated factors. However, one important aspect that needs to be overlooked is hygiene. Most people opt for baby soaps, shampoos, talcum powders, and diapers but there is still one crucial baby care product they might miss. It is baby wipes and using them for your baby is an essential part of your baby care experience. 

The baby’s delicate skin requires care and attention to toxin-free products, and it is crucial to choose the right grade of cleaning wipes for your baby. But many people tend to miss this essential item when shopping for their baby.

Often, parents realize the need for this only when the baby arrives and soils his diaper every few hours, leaving a stinking smell and making babies’ skin a breeding ground for unwanted infections. You might be thinking that the process of dealing with toxin-free baby wipes is too complex, but we are here to help you with that. 

What is a baby wipe? 

The wipes for babies are pre-moistened, soft, and disposable tissues designed to effectively clean the babies’ sensitive skin. Made from thin rectangular sheets of cotton and bamboo plants, they are moistened with gentle cleansing ingredients. 

These wet wipes for babies are effectively stored in plastic tubs that help maintain their moisture and allow quick dispensing. These features also make them travel-friendly and safe for usage, no matter how old your baby is.

Why are these a must-have in the baby skincare range?

Irregular baby leakages, prolonged contact with urine, faeces, continuous friction, and environmental conditions may expose your little one’s skin to continuous moisture, leaving it prone to many skin infections. For example, one of the prevalent skin problems in babies is diaper rash, which frequently occurs for one or two years.

Your baby can be seen feeding, sleeping, and pooping for the initial few months. But, with every diaper change, there comes the need to ensure a clean baby bottom. To protect sensitive skin from these infections and ensure clean, smooth, and healthy baby skin, safe and gentle baby wipes by Mamaearth for the skin are a must-have for your little munchkins.

Benefits of Having Wet Wipes for Babies

There are certain benefits of having wet wipes that go beyond baby care and can make your life a little easier. Let’s have a look at them. 

  1. Easier handling: From switching diapers to wiping off their faces to giving them a dry bath, organic bamboo baby wipes are a lifesaver for all parents.
  2. Work as an effective makeup remover: The wet wipes for babies contain much water and hydrating ingredients, which can be used to remove makeup from the face. Wiping your dry, oily, or sweaty face with wet tissues can lend you a refreshing look. 
  3. A Perfect Stain Remover: One can buy wipes to clean the daily household and stains from the carpets and upholsteries. 
  4. Scratch Cleaner: While playing on the ground or at home, children often get scratches on their knees, elbows, and hands. Therefore, keeping the wipes for your little munchkin handy is important, as wiping off the area will soothe the skin and provide a cooling effect. 

What to look for in the hydrating cleansers for babies?

While taking care of your little munchkin, selecting the best-quality baby wipes is something you should do. So, it would be best if you made the smart choice by opting for the safe and gentle choice for them. 

Keep the following aspects in mind while opting for the right baby wipes. 

  • Look for the list of ingredients: While brands contain natural ingredients, there is a possibility that they main contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates, and formaldehyde, which should include a big NO-NO for you. It is better to opt for toxin-free wipes with ingredients like Vitamin E, Castor Oil, and Aloe Vera. 
  • Scented Vs. Unscented: We recommend opting for wipes that come powered by the Goodness of Nature as they lend a non-disturbing and pleasant smell compared to those backed with artificial fragrances. 
  • Durability and thickness: Nobody would like that a wipe should get torn midway while cleaning the baby’s wet skin. Before choosing a particular product, it is best to ensure the durability and thickness that effectively cleans your baby.
  • Fabric: When opting for the best-quality baby wipes, you should prefer those made from non-woven fabrics such as bamboo or cotton, which constitute a good blend of natural and synthetic materials. 

Tip: Need a one-stop solution for all your body nourishment needs? Check out Mamaearth’s Cold Pressed Castor Oil which is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It is an excellent product for hair nourishment, provides ultimate skin hydration, and makes cuticles healthy. 

How to use these wipes?

A diaper change may not always be the most straightforward of parenting activities. It involves cleaning the baby using safe, gentle, and toxin-free wipes. As a parent, you should understand how to use wipes to offer the best cleaning experience to your baby. 

  • In the case of baby girls, gently wipe her clean from front to back with a baby wipe after removing the soiled diaper. Avoid wiping from back to front as the bacteria may enter the urinary tract, causing inflammation. Then, wipe the creases between the thigh and buttocks with a fresh baby wipe.
  • When it comes to baby boys, cleaning the male genital part with a baby wipe is important. Next, take a fresh baby wipe and clean between the thighs and buttocks as it would lower the chances of infection build-up. 

Once you have wiped the area, apply a baby moisturizer on the skin before putting on a new dryer. 

Using castor oil for better skincare 

Obtained from castor seeds, Mamaearth’s Cold Pressed Castor Oil is rich in antioxidants and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that increase blood circulation in the body. Backed by essential vitamins and fatty acids, it improves skin and cuticle health by reducing skin’s uneven tone, delaying signs of aging, and strengthening nails. Also, it helps promote hair growth and minimizes split ends.

Summing up!

Well, as much as it looks that baby wipe is a not required product, the case is the opposite. It will come to the rescue more often. Be it frequent spills or diaper changes, or you need to freshen up your baby or your face, you should go for Mamaearth Baby Wipes. Using Mamaearth’s Cold-Pressed Castor Oil will ensure healthy skin, shiny and strong hair, and strong nails. 

Did you know? Mamaearth is Asia’s 1st MadeSafe Certified brand that curates products with the help of natural and toxin-free ingredients. In addition, it is a plastic-positive brand that recycles more plastic than it uses for manufacturing and thus helps make the environment more sustainable.